KCFM or Bust


Let’s start this blog with a pop quiz…

Guess which of the following is true for Made Lovely m&m

a) We have a legitimate bank account with debit cards to boot!

b) We have established a “formal” invoice for the many custom orders that we have rolling in!!

c) We are going to be at the November Kane County Flea Market!!!

d) All of the above

That’s right, all you test-takers.  It’s “d“…  Made Lovely has a bank account, invoices for our custom orders, AND is teaming up with Soaring Heart Vintage, who specializes in fun, vintage finds, for our local flea market next month. Nineteen days to be exact, but who’s counting? Mark your calendars and free up the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd, because we expect to see you there.  You’ll find us in the Swine Shed, which happens to be located right next to the burger & brat guy- just follow your nose!

With only a few weeks away, we have been busy gearing up and finishing the many pieces with potential that have filled our garages, living rooms, basements- basically any space uncovered in our homes.  This has included a gorgeous oak dresser, matching coffee & end table, a sweet, yet sophisticated campaign dresser, and some other special pieces featured below.

Coffee Table  endtable pretty in pink  lingerie chest IMG_2689

Finding the time to get these pieces completed, while juggling teaching and our families has been a bit challenging.  However, all hands are on deck, our parents have graciously agreed to help with the prep work pro bono, no less.  Even Lucy, came out to see if her services were needed. (Why yes, that is paint on her snout ;)) Lucy

Made Lovely hopes you have a haunting Halloween.  And as Autumn comes to a close, turn over a new leaf and come thrift shopping- we’ll be expecting you…”Mooo-Hoooo-Hoooo-Haaa-Haaa”! (Insert evil witch crackle).

WIshing you all things spooky and lovely,



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