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The Happiest Place on Earth


Excitement is all around…

And it’s not even Christmas!  Actually things have been feeling a little more like Disney World, if that makes any sense.  I’m talking about the emotional journey the past five months have been for Made Lovely m&m.  For those of you Disney fans, you’ll know just what I’m talking about.  For those blog readers who have not “done” The Happiest Place on Earth, bear with me for this analogy or just skip over it completely.

I consider myself a little bit of a Disney expert.  I grew up going there pretty much yearly and have taken my 14 year old son 9 times.  I know how to “do” it right.  Well, at least I always feel like I’m going into it prepared.  Then it happens.  I go through just about every emotion in the book.  I’m overcome with joy and excitement then exhausted because, yes, I am there before it opens and stay until closing time- no breaks for my family!  I’m in awe with every character then annoyed by the people who think the world revolves around them and “cut” in line- I am a bit of a rule-follower.  I get the magical feeling of being in love while walking (as fast as they’ll allow) down Main Street.  I am proud when I get in line feeling patient only to find that 30 minutes later I was fooled and there is another room waiting around the corner with people snaked around the chains.  Giddiness fills me when I get that much desired Fast Pass and work the system just right to ride multiple rides between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 AM.  I feel like pulling my hair out when it gets to be the hot afternoon – because we all know as a teacher I have to travel during peak time- and I’m sweaty and wishing I could jump in a pool.  Which reminds me of how incredibly scared I was when my son got lost at Disney’s Blizzard Beach as a young child.  Not a feeling I ever want to have again!  I feel cultured when going on my favorite ride, Small World, or eating (ie drinking) my way through the countries at Epcot.  I’m in disbelief by some of the people I see at the park.  And feel empathy for a child who is sick and perhaps on a Make a Wish trip.  The thrill of Rockin’ Roller Coaster gets me every time and no matter how many times I say I’m not going on Tower of Terror, I always give in.  The bubbles falling from the ceiling during The Little Mermaid show make me warm and comforted like a small child.  Adrenaline flows while challenging my son on the Buzz Lightyear or the Toy Story rides.   Ok, I’m feeling like I might be losing most of you at this point, except maybe my dad- the biggest Disney fan I know….

So how does this all relate to Made Lovely you may ask?  I’ll tell you.  This little business of ours is a lot like Disney.  Ha! I just laughed out loud thinking of that comparison.  But hear me out.  I can’t even tell you how many times Meg and I have laughed, cried, jumped up and down, made it rain money (true story), felt overwhelmed and deflated, wished, hoped, dreamed, and lost sleep trying to figure it all out.  Basically, we’ve had all the feelings I’ve experienced on a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth!  I imagine our experience at the Kane County Flea Market next week will be like Disney on steroids.  Our adventure there will be like the first time a Disney newbie sets foot in Magic Kingdom.  We don’t know what to expect, but are hoping we “fit” in and our booth looks welcoming.  But most of all, we hope you all will be able to come out to say hello!

I’ll leave you with one of my fav songs…

M-I-C- See you real soon!

K-E-Y- Why? because we like you!


Stay lovely!



Taking Time for Ourselves

Taking Time for Ourselves

 Warning: it’s a long blog.  I have a lot to say today. 🙂

So Pinterest.  I go through phases where I am feeling all Pinteresty and want to bake, cook, craft, decorate and basically feel like a failure when I’m ogling the pins.  Other times I stay away and forget how other people are living in that fantasyland.  As the weather started to cool off I found it was time to pull out my fall mantle décor that Pinterest inspired me to create last year.  So into the crawlspace I went and got out all of my oldie but goodies and newer adornments to spruce up my house.  I decided that Halloween decorations are a waste of time as Noah could care less about my cutesy holiday stuff being a cool high school football player and all, so I would just focus on bedazzles that would last until my holiday cheer décor makes its debut.

After setting up my mantle, I felt it was definitely missing something so I turned to my trusty dusty Pinterest app.  That is when I saw some amazing banners and fell in love with one that said ‘Give Thanks’.  Luckily for me, I had already planned to visit the KCFM and now had a mission to find the banner.  This is when Bungalov entered my life.  Their booth was amazing.  Everything was cute and perfectly staged.  Best of all, they had banners galore.  They seemed to have everything except the one I longed for.  After a quick chat with the owner, Jen, she told me to email her and she’d make the banner of my dreams.  And voila, just a week and a half later, my mantel is adorned with her gorgeous banner!  Check it out:

mantle 2mantlemantle 3

What do ya think??

Another recent change in my home is the dark downstairs bathroom.  I love cool colors.  My house is covered in grays and blues and decorated in black and white.  Before I moved into my home I had it painted and chose an amazing Benjamin Moore navy blue color called Polo Blue for my kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  I love it.  Except my bathroom has no window and    it’s quite dark in there.  I’ve always struggled decorating that space and until now I never knew how to jazz it up a bit.  After completing this beaut, I thought I’d love to stencil a wall.  So I read a few blogs, googled the best directions for the job and got to work.  I started at the ceiling because one blog said to do that and I started in the middle because I didn’t with the hutch and during the process I wished I had.  I don’t have a before pic, but I’m sure you can picture a tall navy blue wall on your own.  I cautiously started stenciling using a foam roller and, just as my research suggested, pulled the stencil immediately off the wall while it was still wet.  I continued down the wall.

photo 2

Like with most projects, my confidence started to creep up on me and I worked more and more quickly thinking nothing bad would ever happen to me.  You’d think I’d learn that lesson by now. 😉  And then this happened.

photo 1

There were tears, there were remarks of giving up, texts to various friends about my frustrations, and a lot of self-loathing.  Then of course I stopped working.  For like a week.  I’m notorious for starting projects and taking forever to finish them.  The yellow guest room upstairs?  Started painting over Christmas break one year and then closed the door and finished it in the summer.  I hate how bright the room turned out, but there’s no way I’m repainting it. Unfortunately, the next nearest bathroom is Noah’s upstairs and I’d rather die than have any guest go in that one!  So, I went back to the wall.  I painted over the mistakes in navy and stenciled once again.  This time I was more careful.  It still has its hiccups, but overall I’m satisfied with the results.

Now it was time to tackle the odd spaced cut-out in the back.  I went to my garage where it looks like I’m a furniture hoarder and found this cutesy antique dresser.  I also found an amazing gold mirror my mom had previously brought over. You can see it in the background wrapped in bubble wrap toward the back of the picture.  Meg reminded me that mixing styles is a good thing, so I decided Moroccan-antique design it was! IMG_9071

I removed the broken handles and moved the hardware around, slapped some paint on this baby, added some crystal knobs and moved her in!

bathroom 4

I love the original hardware on this piece!

Now it was time for finishing touches! The most stressful, but satisfying part of all!  I came across the coolest silver antelope head at Homegoods a couple weeks ago while shopping with my bestie, Christy.  The antler was broken off, but for some reason I could not get that quirky piece out of my mind.  So I marched back into Homegoods with a mission.  Surprisingly, the broken head was still there, and I studied if I would be able to fix it.  The kind worker told me I’d probably have to weld it together.  Pretty sure I don’t know how to do that, but she did tip me off to another part of the store with similar décor.  And voila!


For now I’m using my off-season mantle vase and flowers and this cool elephant that was my grandmothers.  I’d love to get a key and incorporate it somehow in there because the key holes in the dresser are just that cool.  Some towels and new handles for the cabinets topped it off and here is the finished room.

20131019-175344.jpgbathroom 5 bathroom 6

These little changes feel good because I’m usually creating beautiful items for other people!  Therefore, I’ve decided it’s perfectly ok to spoil ourselves every once in a while.

Wishing you all things lovely,


KCFM or Bust


Let’s start this blog with a pop quiz…

Guess which of the following is true for Made Lovely m&m

a) We have a legitimate bank account with debit cards to boot!

b) We have established a “formal” invoice for the many custom orders that we have rolling in!!

c) We are going to be at the November Kane County Flea Market!!!

d) All of the above

That’s right, all you test-takers.  It’s “d“…  Made Lovely has a bank account, invoices for our custom orders, AND is teaming up with Soaring Heart Vintage, who specializes in fun, vintage finds, for our local flea market next month. Nineteen days to be exact, but who’s counting? Mark your calendars and free up the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd, because we expect to see you there.  You’ll find us in the Swine Shed, which happens to be located right next to the burger & brat guy- just follow your nose!

With only a few weeks away, we have been busy gearing up and finishing the many pieces with potential that have filled our garages, living rooms, basements- basically any space uncovered in our homes.  This has included a gorgeous oak dresser, matching coffee & end table, a sweet, yet sophisticated campaign dresser, and some other special pieces featured below.

Coffee Table  endtable pretty in pink  lingerie chest IMG_2689

Finding the time to get these pieces completed, while juggling teaching and our families has been a bit challenging.  However, all hands are on deck, our parents have graciously agreed to help with the prep work pro bono, no less.  Even Lucy, came out to see if her services were needed. (Why yes, that is paint on her snout ;)) Lucy

Made Lovely hopes you have a haunting Halloween.  And as Autumn comes to a close, turn over a new leaf and come thrift shopping- we’ll be expecting you…”Mooo-Hoooo-Hoooo-Haaa-Haaa”! (Insert evil witch crackle).

WIshing you all things spooky and lovely,