Ombre attempt #1

Ombre attempt #1

It’s been an exciting day! Today was day 2 of students coming to school for a half-day, which means lots of plan time in the afternoon for us teachers.  Whoop! However, the most exciting part of my day is my son asked some lucky girl to Homecoming today.  His first dance in high school.  EEEEK  After getting home I decided on this humid day to work on this little number for my craft room.

ombre before

Can’t you see it with all kinds of odds and ends stored in each drawer?  Maybe I’ll be an organized crafter.  A girl can dream, right?

So back on track. I wanted to do this piece with ombre drawers.  There are several reasons it needed to be done this way.  The biggest one was that I told my sister, Susie, that I would paint my niece’s dresser.   Susie requested I find/paint/figure out something to do for a dresser in Amelie’s new bedroom now that they’ve moved to the ‘burbs.  Melie already had a Malm Ikea dresser.  You know the one, straight lines, three drawers…  Well I decided why not make use of that dresser and paint it ombre?!  Genius right?  I’d seen several ombre dressers on Pinterest, so surely I could do it!   I didn’t want to “experiment” on Melie, so I took a short walk out to my garage to look at the tons of furniture I have piled up in there waiting to be made lovely. And voila! My craft room drawer towery thing spoke to me.  Then, I remembered that couple weeks ago when I was reading a magazine in a waiting room I came across a coupon for a free Valspar sample size paint.  No one was around and the coupon was begging me to use it, so I helped myself.  Last night I pulled out that coupon and headed out to Lowe’s to choose a fun color!


I decided to ask the paint guy for some advice for painting Ikea furniture.  This is when mystery man jumped into our conversation and gave me all kinds of advice!  Mystery man used to sell chemicals for paint so he seemed pretty legit.  I also learned that a lot of paint is made in Chicago. So there’s your fun fact for the day!  I ended up buying this which will apparently stick to anything!


He also suggested a roller instead of a brush.  So here’s hoping Melie’s dresser is all kinds of lovely!  I post pics later 🙂

So it’s now Wednesday and I’m scheduled to paint Melie’s dresser on Saturday.  Tomorrow Noah has a game and Friday night I work concessions at the big Geneva/Batavia varsity game.  I had no choice but to do my practice piece today!  Because doing it weeks ago would have been too easy. 🙂

I started with one drawer in the coral-ly color I chose.  Then it was time to start lightening the paint.  I decided I didn’t need to buy new white paint because I had this!

behr 2005
Yes, it says 2005, which means it’s not even my paint but the people who lived here before me!  But, hey, I’m all about being green.  Now, this is where things got interesting.  If I were Meg, I would be doing some kind of measuring and planning ahead of time.  But, I’m me.  And I don’t “do” math.  And trying to figure out how much paint to mix together for 5 drawers seemed less fun than actually painting and figuring things out as I go.  Plus, was I going to use my measuring cups to measure? I don’t think so!  I did this drawer and then added some really thick white paint and did a second drawer.

two drawers

Then it was time to add white again, but I added too much so I did this.

paint on fingers

I know, very official.  Then I kept adding more and BAM! had five different colored drawers.


I went back inside and got the rest of the towery thing and decided to take a picture so you all can see the kind of mess I’m living in.

dining room

Check out the tub to the left- those are my old Cabbage Patch Kid dolls my parents delivered to my house last weekend. Not sure where to keep them yet, so the hall seems appropriate 🙂

My dining room is now a painting/storage room.  The dining table is halfway in the living room, I have one too many china cabinets in there, an extra table from another part of my house that I would like to get rid of, but I use to keep supplies on, and a few other small painting projects hanging around.  I’d like to say that everything is confined to this one room, but my craft room isn’t in better shape and let’s not start on how my car hasn’t been in the garage for weeks!  Anyway…. here is the finished project!


This was taken at night, so it’s not the best quality. I assure you all the drawers are different shades!

It matches nothing in my house, but will store so much. 🙂   Wish me luck this weekend with Ombre attempt #2.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Wishing you all things lovely,



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