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Heat, Music, Paint, and More Heat


I love working in a school without air conditioning….Said no one ever. Well, I guess Kelly Clarkson said it best when we saw her and Maroon 5 (hey, Adam!!) at Tinley Park last Sunday, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

concert pic

This week was brutal. Like cry with your students brutal. True story.  We cancelled one of our two planned M&M work nights because lets face it, at the end of a sweaty day all we wanted to do was pass out.  Thursday night we did get together and worked on three custom orders.  Everything is coming along nicely considering how school is back in session, we’re both teaching some new content areas, and stress is at an all time high.

pink headboard

One of our custom orders. (Work in progress)

Balance. If there’s anyone out there who has been able to perfect this, please, please I beg you to let us in on your secret!  The universe is crazy like that.  Every once in a while we think we have it all and no area of our lives are suffering (except my dieting, of course) and BAM reality sets in. We open our eyes and see just how disgusting our homes have become.  Or  how few meals we’ve actually cooked lately.  Unexpired milk? What’s that??  What I’m trying to say is, have a little patience with us.  We would love nothing more than to crank out all kinds of lovely items left and right and blow all of your minds, but it’s not going to happen. At least not this week.  😉

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Wishing you all things lovely,

PS- this blog is for you, Jarrod!  We listen to our loyal followers and aim to please!


If I Could Turn Back Time


Picture this. Meghan driving a ginormous Home Depot truck with me in the passenger seat breaking out in, “if I could turn back time…”

I know you all know the Cher song that we ended up modifying to fit our situation better. Our situation. What a dire one it was. Now, to put things in perspective, we are healthy, employed, and have loving family and friends. We don’t want to paint the picture that last night’s situation was THE worst thing that has happened to us, but man did it feel like it.

It all started a couple weeks ago when we met a wonderful woman who purchased our chalkboard kid’s table set. She mentioned how much she liked a hutch we had recently sold. So, the geniuses that we are, we told her we’d make it happen for her. First lesson.

Enter “the perfect hutch” we spotted and “knew” it was “the one.” Also enter a crazy man who didn’t return phone calls, was a total space cadet, and took weeks to hunt down to set-up the purchase of this hutch. Second lesson. Don’t work with crazy people and follow Meg’s instincts (she had a bad feeling all along). And no, we weren’t in danger at any time for those of you worried for our safety. (Which should be all of you;))

Third lesson. Don’t rent a big honkin’ truck and drive without directions, cash, or basically any preparation to get a hutch 30 miles away. After many wrong turns, we found the spot only to learn our next lesson.

Don’t trust that items are in the same condition someone claims they are. We literally stood by and watched a grown man lying on the ground with tools try to shimmy a drawer out of the hutch. What a nightmare. We couldn’t buy a piece that didn’t even function well! And to top it off, he was telling us that we need to learn how to do this stuff! The nerve! Needless to say, we left empty-handed and empty- truck beded. (I know it’s not a word).

We moped the whole way home after, of course, making a wrong turn. And worst of all, we had to email that sweet woman and tell her we didn’t have the hutch. That was the hardest lesson of the night.

And for the icing on the cake, my car wouldn’t start when we got back to Home Depot. Thank God there was a nice man who worked there who jumped my piece of **** car…. We got home safe and sound, but this morning this happened.

car tow

Meg and I are feeling a deflated, but are thankful for our custom orders we have lined up. It’ll be nice to know we are creating furniture that will be loved right away in their homes.

Like I said, last night was definitely a “first world problem”and we hope to laugh at it all one day. Until then- we could use some smiles, laughs, and if you’re close enough, hugs.


truck incident

Taken during happier times.


Dark Wax Feared No More…


Well it has happened.  I never thought I’d be “that” person…  the one that needs a bumper sticker for the back of her car that warns all other drivers that this vehicle stops frequently for garage sales, or even “treasures” discarded on the side of the road.  In the words of the great poet, Macklemore, “One man’s trash is another man’s come-up…  I’m going to take your Grandpa’s style.”

So as Marie and I jammed to some of our favorite tunes- such as “Thrift Shop”, we worked tirelessly to debut some substantial pieces to our public this week.  From rags to riches, this dresser turned into quite a beauty.  Marie is very proud of its end result as this was a project she took on herself.  The flower carvings she highlighted in graphite are my favorite. I’d say that this dresser combines Old Hollywood style with French Provencal and is absolutely exquisite!

Image frenchie 1

Then there is this piece…  a cherry wood cabinet that needed some character.  Do I dare break out the dark wax on a piece this large?  First, I should tell you that Marie and I had been a little hesitant, intimated even of dark wax.  We were “warned” by our instructor back in May that it can be difficult to use and takes some practice.  We had used dark wax before, but on much smaller pieces.  So, after I gave this cabinet three coats of duck egg blue, hand-waxed and buffed it till I thought my arm would fall off, I cracked open the dark wax and started on the long sides.  Many hours later this is the end result.  Dark wax feared no more.

DSC_8773 DSC_8786

So, whether its  a cabinet left on the side of the road or a dresser from an estate sale, we enjoy every minute of making our pieces lovely. And hey, if you’re driving behind one of us- be aware- we make frequent stops.  No piece is too big; we’ll find a way to lift it or make it fit! (Shout out to our muscles- Gene and Noah ;))

As always…  Wishing you all things lovely,