Waxing 411


DSC_8021So, It’s been a while since we’ve updated you, our loyal followers.  With the craziness of the end of the school year now over, we are busy and focused on our business venture.  The past week has been spent working on a couple of chairs and a large dining room hutch you can see below.  We also completed a few little treasures that will be included in the August Kane County Flea Market.

dining hutch beforeDSC_8025We had a major breakthrough yesterday while waxing our freshly painted, Paris Gray hutch.  You see, with Annie Sloan paint, you paint two (for us it’s been three) coats and once that is dry you can wax.  After waxing comes the fun part- distressing and then there’s one final waxing to give it the perfect, lovely finish.  We were so proud of our latest paint job and the hutch looked fantastic!  Clearly, it was destined to be our best-selling item to  date!  We began waxing, which we have done before, but for some reason it looked streaky and caked on.  We were confused, deflated, even angry at what was happening.  I left Meg’s with my fingers crossed that it would look better when it was dry.

I woke up this morning to a text message with a linked YouTube video on it from Meg, who clearly was losing sleep over our dilemma.  After watching this informative video tutorial about applying Annie Sloan’s clear wax, it appeared that we were using too much… A simple enough fix and cost-effective one as well!  We are confident our piece can be saved and our future pieces won’t rip our hearts out again.  Click here to view our finished masterpieces or click on the Made Lovely For You tab.

As a side note, we are thrilled to announce that we have sold our first shabby chic pieces, the charming side tables.  We are excited to have made the first big sale,  but it also comes with a bit of sadness, as we truly do get attached to all our pieces.  I’m sure they will look lovely with our satisfied customer, Katy, in her home.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this photo of a potential-filled children’s table and chairs.  All of you parents out there, we just know your kids are begging for a chalkboard play table!  Well, we are here to fulfill your dreams-  Be sure to check back later!


Wishing you all things lovely,



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