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This Week in Sports


Just kidding!   I highly doubt any of you expected to get an athletics update on our blog anyway.  That is, until Bears season, of course.   While some people have been cheering on the Blackhawks, booing Lebron James and keeping up with the Sox and Cubbies, Meg and I are becoming distinguished in our own sport: painting, waxing and distressing.  

This week also marks the first time we’ve gone “viral!”  Eeeeek!  Let me explain.  We continually perseverate about how to advertise our product and get our name out to the public (we still love you, family and friends :)).  Facebook has been our latest tool for growing our little business.  We joined FB a few weeks ago, but have been stagnant with a measly 17 LIKES.  Who knew that one contest and a share by a colleague on her FB page would rapidly grow to 63 LIKES! That number may seem small to some, but it has been as exciting as watching a child’s first steps!  One of the features FB gives us the ability to see how many people have viewed us once we hit 30 LIKES.  They even include data that has a column for something called virality.  And guess what?!  We’re viral!  The data is there, so it must be true.  And if you haven’t liked us on FB yet, it is as easy as clicking like on the right side of this page.  So what are you waiting for?
As if that wasn’t exciting enough….ANNIE SLOAN is our first follower on Twitter!  I know, right?  Unreal- she’s literally a celebrity  in the paint world!!
So on to what you all come to here to find out about… what is in the works?!  Below are the finished lovely products for this week.  Up next is a charming dresser with character for all of you looking for a stylish storage piece and a regal secretary desk in our new color- Cocoa!  Stay tuned for updates on these new projects.
moroccan 1 Image DSC_8282


As always, visit Made Lovely for You to see our available items for purchase.  And on that note, if you haven’t had a chance to explore our blog, or perhaps this is your first rodeo, click on the tabs above to learn what we’re all about.
Until next time… wishing you all things lovely,

I Heart Naptime


What can be accomplished during a 2.5 hour nap???  Well, funny you should ask.  My notorious short napper was worn out from some sun and park time this morning and slept for 2.5 hours.  Perfect timing, because Marie was here and we were ready to roll!

We’ve both been working a lot lately, with writing curriculum for school and our Made Lovely creations.  However, can you really call this work when you love what you are doing on a gorgeous day with great company?  Whether it’s work or play,  it has been beyond rewarding and we are quite smitten with each and every lovely piece.


DSC_8156       DSC_8155

So, I’d say a lot can be accomplished in 2.5 hours… We have three chairs underway, a kids bench, an entry table, and an antique wash basin.  Just when we label one (two, three, or four) our absolute favorite(s)- a new one takes the cake. I have to say that there isn’t a piece that we have finished that hasn’t been referred to as one of our “favs”.  I guess that is when you know that you are doing something right.  Thank you Ma & Pa Legenski for the amazing marble top entry table.  This has made its way up my list and is definitely a chart-topper.  Start the bidding now, as I am sure it will go fast!


I’ll end with a riddle. What do you get when you take Old World Moroccan and pair it with formal Victorian design? The answer…


not completely done but getting there- check back later this week for the true after shots.

Wishing you all things lovely,


P.S.  We said goodbye today to another one of our lovelies.  Our Old White coffee table found a happy home in the city with Jill.  It will be missed but not forgotten. 😉

Waxing 411


DSC_8021So, It’s been a while since we’ve updated you, our loyal followers.  With the craziness of the end of the school year now over, we are busy and focused on our business venture.  The past week has been spent working on a couple of chairs and a large dining room hutch you can see below.  We also completed a few little treasures that will be included in the August Kane County Flea Market.

dining hutch beforeDSC_8025We had a major breakthrough yesterday while waxing our freshly painted, Paris Gray hutch.  You see, with Annie Sloan paint, you paint two (for us it’s been three) coats and once that is dry you can wax.  After waxing comes the fun part- distressing and then there’s one final waxing to give it the perfect, lovely finish.  We were so proud of our latest paint job and the hutch looked fantastic!  Clearly, it was destined to be our best-selling item to  date!  We began waxing, which we have done before, but for some reason it looked streaky and caked on.  We were confused, deflated, even angry at what was happening.  I left Meg’s with my fingers crossed that it would look better when it was dry.

I woke up this morning to a text message with a linked YouTube video on it from Meg, who clearly was losing sleep over our dilemma.  After watching this informative video tutorial about applying Annie Sloan’s clear wax, it appeared that we were using too much… A simple enough fix and cost-effective one as well!  We are confident our piece can be saved and our future pieces won’t rip our hearts out again.  Click here to view our finished masterpieces or click on the Made Lovely For You tab.

As a side note, we are thrilled to announce that we have sold our first shabby chic pieces, the charming side tables.  We are excited to have made the first big sale,  but it also comes with a bit of sadness, as we truly do get attached to all our pieces.  I’m sure they will look lovely with our satisfied customer, Katy, in her home.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this photo of a potential-filled children’s table and chairs.  All of you parents out there, we just know your kids are begging for a chalkboard play table!  Well, we are here to fulfill your dreams-  Be sure to check back later!


Wishing you all things lovely,