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A Fresh Start


“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together…”

This quote seems quite fitting as Made Lovely had to say goodbye to an original partner this weekend. Lauren, we will miss you!

Saturday began on a sad note, but Marie and I were motivated to jump right back into our work. With renewed focus, we started our long workday by finishing up our Robin’s egg blue accent chair (a tribute to Momma Robin).  We couldn’t get too messy though, because we were dressed to impress. We had a photo session planned, in the middle of our work day, with our exclusive photographer…  Linda Palmer (if you aren’t familiar with her work it’s quite impressive. ;)) Thanks, Mom!

IMG_1502After some stunning pictures and a trip to our Annie Sloan paint distributor in Naperville, we were elbow deep in “Old White” paint working on the coordinating coffee table that rounded out our set of lovely tables.  Here are the after shots.  Hope you like it as much as we do!  All of the pieces that have received the Made Lovely makeover so far have a special place in our hearts (and my living room ;)). We can’t wait for them to find a great home!


DSC_7986Next on the docket…  A large, vintage dining room hutch. Picture “Mad Men”, mid-century.  It’s going to be amazing. We are so excited to share the before and after pics with you.  Our first job though, peeling off the contact paper from the beautiful wood surface. Gotta love over-protective parents!

Wishing you all things lovely,





We’d like to congratulate Robin on her big news: Lovely 1 and Lovely 2 were born sometime between 5.18.13 and 5.22.13.  In honor of her final blue egg, we painted a chair in a similar color! photo-15

Wishing you all things lovely on this rainy day,


A Soon-to-be Mama Joins the Crew


So this past weekend wasn’t a total wash.  Meg was busy prepping for her brother’s 40th birthday bash on Sunday, Lauren’s poor, little girl was sick with a fever, and my son had a baseball tournament.  However, Meg and I were able to squeeze two hours of work in on Saturday.  While Lauren wasn’t able to join us, we were pleasantly surprised to discover another guest in our work space.  Let me explain…

I showed up at Meg’s house and walked straight to the backyard. I opened the fence and started through the hedge-lined walkway, when out of nowhere, a bird swooped in between us and squawked clearly telling us that we were invading her home.  Meg decided to check out the hedges and sure enough, found three little blue eggs. I’ve never seen anyone jump up and down so excitedly flapping their arms.  We named our soon-to-be mama friend, Robin, since we will be spending a lot of time sharing our space.  Robin’s perfect blue eggs are appropriately named Lovely 1, Lovely 2, and Lovely 3.  Check out their first photo below (unfortunately, Robin wouldn’t sit still for the picture, thus she missed out)!


After all that excitement, it was time to get to work.  We couldn’t wait to use the Annie Sloan chalk paint on our two end tables.  We decided to go with “Old White”, which is a soft cream color.  Our first brush strokes were filled with cautious optimism- afterall, we had a lot banking on this! Sure enough, it went on like a dream!  Proudly, we have some pictures to display.   Here is a before and after shot of the adorable end tables we worked on.  Actually, it’s not a true “after” shot.  We painted, sanded and waxed the drawer.  With our time running short, we decided we’d wax the rest of the table at a later date.  That is why when you look closely, the drawer is slightly darker than the rest of the table.

before side table

after side table

Meg was feeling inspired, so she worked on this darling child’s chair, too.  It’s still a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely.  Hope you enjoy the before and “almost” after pics.

before children's chairchildren's chair

A friend of mine (Hi, Shelly!) said it would be a perfect time-out chair.  What a great idea!  We’ll post the finished product soon.

In other news, I started to paint the second end table and a chair last night and we are working again tomorrow night for a couple hours.  This Saturday is the date we’ve had on the books for a while now.  Like an assembly line, we are going to knock out LOVELY pieces left and right!  One of us will try to get a blog post up after the weekend for all of our followers and potential buyers ;).

Before I leave you, I thought I’d mention that while sitting down to write this blog today, Corrine Bailey Rae’s song, “Turn the Records on”, started playing in my head.  I think it’s perfect for our new, precious baby lovelies and a delightful summer knocking at our door.

Three little birds sat on my window,

   And they told me I don’t need to worry.

Summer came like cinnamon

So sweet….

Wishing you all things lovely,


Rainbows, Paint and All Things Lovely


When’s the earliest you can come? I’ll meet you at the back door of my warehouse.

Sounds like a horror story, right?  In truth, it was the exact opposite. Like heaven on earth, our time spent in said warehouse was the most useful to date for our budding company.  Michelle is her name.  Annie Sloan paint is her game.

It started on Monday, when we were in a mad dash to find an Annie Sloan paint class.  We knew we had to get our hands on this paint after reading about it on blog after blog and watching tutorials.   Finding a free class to teach us the painting techniques was our mission! After a few phone calls Michelle entered our lives.  She was so eager to help us and said all the right things to get us pumped up for all things lovely.  Enter the conversation previously mentioned.

We had a feeling our night would go well when we spotted this rainbow on our way to the class.

We pulled up to the warehouse where our new best friend from DiLucca Design was waiting for us.  Her “warehouse” had a cute classroom chock full of items that we aspire to create!  She showed us the Annie Sloan ropes and even gave us the pep talk we needed. 

 All three of us lost track of time and started home with a box full of paint, text messages from our families wondering where we were, and adrenaline to get busy!

After much discussion during the ride home, we decided the retro side tables previously mentioned in blog posts are getting the shaft and we are ready for the big dogs.  Bring in the free desk that Meg practically threw her back out trying to take from the side of the road!  Enter our adorable side tables and the coffee table with so much potential!   

 These three women finally have the ingredient we were missing: wisdom.  We are now prepared to bring to life our dreams for Made Lovely MLM.

Big things ARE coming!

Keeping it lovely,